Intelligent solutions that monitor and register potential sign damages, thefts and depredations in order to reduce reinstallation costs for the equipment destroyed and protect the heritage from vandalism.

Highly effective and safe system which combines functionality and organization, providing a view of the overall control of vehicles that are seized and taken to patios in a particular region.

Assists in information security and minimizes the action time spent solving cases (as it is possible to identify where every vehicle is or its current situation).

TELECOM Intelligent private network technology enables the interconnection of units in an organization that are physically separated.

Communication is accomplished through data, voice and image, and since they are wireless, networks do not require cabling, making settings and relocations easier.

Automatic system developed as a solution for the control of incoming and outgoing vehicles in indoor environments (malls, condominiums, parking lots, among others).

CFTV control. Central that manages, receives and processes images or information from field equipment; images from the CCTV system, traffic analyzers; electronic equipment, among others.

With this solution it is possible to have an overview of a particular region and define strategies for improvement or attending an occurrence.

Registers the vehicle movement on a road and captures all pertinent data, storing it in a central office. An Intelligent system that assists planning and traffic strategies.

Monitors and captures the image through a motion sensor that is able to detect possible violations of signaling or collisions between vehicles. This data is sent to a control center which provides the necessary measures to improve user services and reduce traffic on the road.

Information about incident occurrences are forwarded to a Control Central that is capable of managing them and providing help according to each case (tow truck, ambulance, traffic light broken, holes in the road, for example).

The capture can be accomplished by the transit agent or called by voice with a description of the site.

A system that checks the time each vehicle takes to move from one point to another, thus defining the, regions or periods with higher traffic rates.

This technology makes it possible for the driver to travel through alternative routes.