Success Path

Once everyone agrees with an idea, a leader must start working on the next one – Roger Enrico.

The success story for Engebras had its first lines written in early 1990, when Brazil urgently needed intelligent solutions that could improve, significantly, the effects of urban mobility in the country.

Recognizing this need and seeing a chance to improve people´s life quality, helping to build a safer and more peaceful world, Pietro Alessandro , an engineer, came up with a very innovative product, using a technology that was unheard of up until then, even at worldwide level. It was the beginning of the creation of an intelligent solution that would be able to trace new directions for the population, contribute to the technological development of the country and emphasize the importance of innovation for the projection of a better future.
In September 1993, Engebras was finally consecrated to serve as a cradle for innovative ideas, making constant investments in high technology favoring intelligent solutions for a better and safer World.

The greatest benefit of the solutions generated at Engebras is, no doubt, what they represent: they are developed and manufactured with exclusive technology; they have high conformity quality (identical units produced that meet the specifications promised), easy installation, durability, reliability,unique design and perfectly supply the customer’s needs – as they are not only products, but solutions.

Today Engebras has more than 500 employees nationwide, with a structure that is close to that of a large sized business. Engebras will be completing 19 years of existence in 2012, with offices/branch offices throughout the national territory, thereby, providing agility in personalized services. Therelationshipwith customers is the greatest asset and what best describes the success path of the company.

Engebras anticipated a worldwide trend and the technological development proposed by the company represents a milestone in history. The use of technology in favor of a mutual benefit – the solutions go beyond just offering benefits to users, the company’s vision is broad and favors the whole country.

The world has consecrated this bold idea and has accompanied the other technological evolutions that Engebras develops day after day.
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