Monitors and registers the drivers who do not fulfill traffic rules with the purpose ofeducatingthe driver regarding signs and thereby contribute to the safety and life quality of all who use the road.

The equipment can verify excessive speed. It can provide statistical data and operates under any climatic conditions or period, during 24h/day.

Variation of the fixed electronic recorder.

Acts as a transit reeducation equipment , as it monitors and registers drivers who disrespect the red traffic light, those who wait on top of the pedestrian crosswalk for the green traffic lights, or those who perform prohibited conversions or passages on the road.

Can provide statistical data and operates under any climatic conditions or period, during 24h/day.

Variation of the fixed electronic recorder. Electronic Display that displays the speed of the vehicle with the goal of educating the driver to reduce speed in customer-defined points (places where there is a very big concentration of people, such as schools and hospitals). And yet, contribute to the life quality of the driver or those traveling through the road, reducing the risks of accidents in the location where the equipment is installed.

Monitors and records the drivers that go through certain parts speeding, reducing the rate of accidents or deaths at the location, preventing damages to public heritage, preserving the lives of those who use the road and environment – the installation point is determined by the client following a specific need. The equipment is easy to handle and transport, and may be transported in small vehicles.

Registers drivers who exceed the permitted speed limit at a particular point in order to reeducate them torespect traffic rules, and protect the life of those who travel through the road.

Requires the presence of a transit agent to manipulate it.

The equipment is light, simple to handle and can be transported and installed in minutes.

The portable recorder is ideal for use in portable vehicle surveillance, performing traffic monitoring, and becoming a mobile unit.

Smart solution to reduce accident risks in high vehicle impact with bridges, overpasses or footbridges crossing over traffic routes, protecting and maintaining the integrity of these constructions.

Registers vehicle movement at points where this technology is installed and stores number data for statistical purposes.

Consults and registers real time, information on the vehicle license plate (administrative or judicial).

Reduces negligence and increases the driver’s confidence in the safety of traffic laws.

Smart and modern equipment that makes it possible to record and store data on breaches of traffic rules with agility and practicality.

The electronic ticketing system has a sustainable appeal a sit substitutes the dull use of paper by innovative technology, with a completely creative design.

Monitor locations such as: roads, workplaces, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, highways, among others (providing access to real-time images).

Can help in preserving the safety of the pedestrian, through traffic monitoring of possible sign violations, in the maintenance of public heritage by preventing vandalism, promoting safety in work environments, among others.

Developed with high technology to instruct drivers about road/highway characteristics and information.

They may be informative, educational, regulatory or warnings, placed in a vertical or horizontal manner, in strategic points determined by the client.

They especially help drivers in unknown locations or roads.

It’s the perfect solution to keep the flow of people in order and safe.




Intelligent solution for controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic with the purpose of providing safety, life protection, convenience and time optimization.

Based on its functionality, it is capable of mapping the road where the traffic light is installed, making it possible to adjust the time of each color change (green/yellow/red) according to the roads flow.

Use of LED lighting for its functioning.

Innovative equipment for customers that need a smart solution for managing public rotation parking, in a safe, efficient and personalized manner.

Optimizes time as it is installed in rotational locations.

Smart and environmental technology, using solar energy for its operation. A robust product that is highly resistant against weather and vandalism.

High impact visual media that aims to transmit one or more messages efficiently to the recipient, in accordance with each moment and need of the customer.

Can be located in an internal or external environment and has an innovative design.

The content can be varied: branding, informative, educational, real time information on traffic, among others.

Variation of the electronic fixed recorder.

A transit reeducation equipment, as it monitors and records the drivers who invade preferential crosswalks (busses for example) and those who drive during their specified rodizio days (according to their license plate).

Can provide statistical data and operates under any climatic conditions or period, during 24h/day.

Can also be used to transmit any type of message, with the purpose of directing the driver to perform a previously planned action by the issuer. The contents of the message can be informative (informing users about road/highway traffic conditions, for example) or serve as transit re-education.

It has an environmental appeal as it uses LED lighting, and has highly visual impact.

A panel that can be connected to vehicles as a form of signaling.

Through messages the driver may direct himself to alternative routes, identify the vehicle with this equipment and even receive information about the road or transit education.

Has a highly visual impact and strong environmental appeal, LED lighting.

Smart signaling that transmits clear and concise messages to the driver so that he pays attention, understands and performs an action planned in advance by the issuer, from the content of the message.

Has an environmental appeal by using LED lighting, with a highly visual impact and innovative design.

Flexible Panel and portable equipment (can be easily transported and placed in strategic points according to the customers need).

Support road operations, detecting and solving any irregularities in the pavement, signs or other interference that may bring damage to the traffic or safety and comfort of users.


LED lighting system, designed with sustainable methods, generates clean energy and provides increased security at the location where it´s installed.

Can be found at bus stops, crosswalks or solar street lighting.

Motorcycle with a structure that can have mixed uses, on/off Road.Contains accessories needed for operation on roads and/or highways, through visual monitoring of the images collected from the mobile unit –monitoring the traffic flow.