To perform in the technology market you must be permanently aware of innovations in the software and hardware segments, anticipating trends and investing in the development of advanced solutions for a better life.

Considering this, Engebrashas related its journey with success differentials that serve as guidelines to ensure the complete satisfaction of clients and a respectable image in the market.

      • The product turns into a Solution;

Engebras develops solutions not products, which makes it clear that the customer´s needs are put first.

      • Constant Investments in research and technological development;

This has been the company´s secret in order to remain as one of the leaders in the segment. Engebras spares no efforts to improveexisting technologies and invest in new ones.

      • High conformity quality;

Production of high quality identical units, that meet the specifications promised.

      • Easyinstallation, high durability and exclusive design;

All the equipment and systems at Engebras are developed considering fast installation, high durability and a sophisticated and intelligent design. Striving for a fully customized and flexible technology, which goes together with the market and legal changes in each municipality.

      • Continuous improvement of the productive and administrative processes;

Engebras takes care of the whole process that goes from, manufacturingthe parts that make up the equipment to data collection and transmission, typing, processing, installation and maintenance, which facilitates the service for any request. The company seeks to improve and refine its methods daily.

      • Manufacturer, exclusive technology and 100% national;

Provides greater flexibility tothe company´s solutions and guarantees better cost benefits to the client, preventing the risk of not following the standards and laws established for urban mobility in Brazil.

The company manufactures its equipment and provides sale or rental services.

      • Compliance with State requirements and regulations;

Engebras technology meets the standards and parameters required by the agencies responsible for verification and approval of products (they have the INMETRO seal that is validated each year).

      • Use of statistical reports;

The continuous evolution of Engebras products and solutions offers a strategic market advantage. The company began offeringsolutions that have statistical functions, assisting in planning actions for traffic engineering.

      • Customer focus;

Engebras services clients in a customized manner, mapping their needs in order to offer intelligent solutions.

Concerned with the total satisfaction of the client, Engebras annually performs surveys that measure and indicate the company’s service positive points and those to be improved, with quality, speed and service efficiency always placed as the main objective.

      • Continuous development of employees;

Engebras invests in developing employees that are always in tune with the market trends and needs of their clients – guided by the legislation and technological innovations.

Always working with transparency and ethics, Engebras contributes to a safer world, providing better life quality to every citizen and increasing the competitiveness of the country abroad, by promoting high-quality technology for traffic management.