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pImpotenceloss of interest in sexor trouble having an orgasmabnormal ejaculationswelling in your hands or feetswelling or tenderness in your breastsdizziness./ppPropecia belongs to a class of drugs called 5-alpha-reductase inhibitorswhich are used to treat conditions stimulated by DHTFinasteridethe active ingredient in Propeciablocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT and causes a rapid decline in DHT concentration./ppThere is no evidence that an increase in dosage will result in increased efficacy./ppFinasteride has no affinity for the androgen receptor and has no androgenicantiandrogenicestrogenicantiestrogenicor progestational effectsIn studies with finasterideno clinically meaningful changes in luteinizing hormoneLHfollicle-stimulating hormoneFSHor prolactin were detectedIn healthy volunteerstreatment with finasteride did not alter the response of LH and FSH to gonadotropin-releasing hormone indicating that the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis was not affectedFinasteride had no effect on circulating levels of cortisolthyroid-stimulating hormoneor thyroxinenor did it affect the plasma lipid profilee.gtotal cholesterollow-density lipoproteinshigh-density lipoproteins and triglyceridesor bone mineral density./ppDHT is a hormone necessary for normal development of male genitaliaAs a resultif a pregnant woman receives finasteridethe drug may cause abnormalities of the external genitalia of a male fetusaccording to the FDA./p

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p’Tension type headacheis the most common type of headache experienced by most of us in our life./ppDosing in pediatric patients is based on the patient’s body weightRIZACT Tablets 5mg is recommended in patients weighing less than 40 kg88 lband RIZACT Tablets 10mg in patients weighing 40 kg88 lbor more./pp’Tension type headacheis the most common type of headache experienced by most of us in our life./ppPatients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerancethe Lapp-lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take this medicine./ppRizatriptan is principally metabolized via the MAO-A subtypePlasma concentrations of rizatriptan and its active N-monodesmethyl metabolite may be increased by drugs that are selective MAO-A inhibitorse.gmoclobemideor non-selective MAO inhibitorse.gisocarboxazidphenelzinetranylcypromine and pargylineSimilar or greater effects are expected with non-selectivereversiblee.glinezolidand irreversible MAO inhibitorsIn a drug interaction studywhen rizatriptan 10 mg was administered to subjectsn=12receiving concomitant therapy with the selectivereversible MAO-A inhibitormoclobemide 150 mg t.i.dthere were mean increases in the rizatriptan AUC and C max of 119and 41respectivelythe AUC of the active N-monodesmethyl metabolite of rizatriptan was increased more than 400The interaction would be expected to be greater with irreversible MAO inhibitorsNo pharmacokinetic interaction is anticipated in patients receiving selective MAO-B inhibitorsDue to a risk of coronary artery vasoconstriction and hypertensive episodesadministration of rizatriptan to patients taking MAO inhibitors is contraindicated./p

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